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Experiencing Dr. Leonard Coldwell “Live” is something truly extraordinary.  “Dr. C” is the world’s most powerful voice for personal empowerment and positive change.  We encourage you to listen to the “life changing” message from Dr. C  below… you’ll learn why Dr. C is called the Champion Maker.

 Learn about your own greatness and how you already have what you need to take charge of your own life. You don’t need a “guru” or a mountain of books and tapes.  Listen to Dr. C now and you’ll learn to let go of the past and bring your own power to life.  YOUR journey to the true YOU begins right here!


Listen To Dr C Now…

You are born to be a Champion and to live the life of your dreams that includes Health, Happiness, Wealth and Success along with Fulfilling Long-Lasting Relationships. That is your birthright as a Champion.

You were born with very special Personality and a unique set of talents, possibilities, dreams and goals; but you were born without the “user manual” and the tools to use your uniqueness to achieve your Champion Potential.

IBMS Masters Society Membership can be YOUR user manual and the training, support and coaching you need to realize your full unique potential. This Education and Coaching approach is called IBMS®, which stands for the Instinct Based Medicine® System™.

The IBMS® individualized self-help and self-growth educational, development and support system will help you to create the “best of the best” in every area of your life. With IBMS Resources, you can “Identify & Eliminate the root cause of every unwanted result in your life”™.


  • How to find, create and develop your own unique, individual Personality
  • What your true dreams, needs and goals really are
  • How to develop an action plan to achieve your dreams using your individual uniqueness
  • How to find out who you truly are and why you want the things you want
  • How to motivate yourself to get where you want to be in life

Here’s  a little “Taste” of the unique ways IBMS can help you!  It’s called “Motivational Music”.  Very specialized sounds and frequencies that play differently into each ear can literally “massage” your mind and get you into action.  Experience a few tracks of Motivational Music with Dr. C right now! 

Listen for 20 minutes a day and after 2 weeks or so you’ll start to
notice some amazing changes starting to happen… effortlessly!

Please note: this highly specialized music plays different sounds and frequencies into each ear, so you’ll need to listen
through your headphones to get the full impact. Listening with headphones via your phone or mobile device is a great idea! Recording this music to another device or media will cause it to lose the specialized left/right tracking and the
frequencies that create its powerful effects so please enjoy this music here - and as often as you like.

You can’t learn from the student of a master, a plagiarist or a “copycat”. You can’t learn from people have never produced meaningful and lasting results for themselves. There are some who can teach you certain pieces of the puzzle but that only results in compartmentalized success. What good does it do you to have one area of your life on track while the rest of it is “flailing in the wind” or just “treading water”.   The ONLY one with a proven track record of continuously producing the best results for his students is Dr. C.  (We purposefully point this out in a provocative way so you know that Dr. C is the “Undisputed Champion Creator” and we challenge anyone to prove otherwise)

You want to be educated and coached by the best of best. At the IBMS Masters Society we are the best. We have the best members, Experts, Speakers, Trainers, Coaches and Educators. Our members specialize in every area of life and are willing to help other members.  We are like a family where members helping members comes first!


The IBMS® Master’s Society Team